Remington FR-730 Reviews & Ratings


Looking for that amazing shaver with all the extra trimmings, look elsewhere. Here I will be reviewing a shaver that doesn’t shine with the rest but is just good enough to still be discussed about.
Not that this shaver is terrible, because that’s the complete opposite—it’s just boring. You will get a good enough close shave, but I recommend Remington shavers for the newbies out there trying to figure out which style of shaver suits their personal needs. If your a pro-shaver then I recommend the Remington XR1370 Hyper Series.


This shaver is still hanging around for the simple fact that it does achieve its main goal—to provide us with a great shave.
It doesn’t come with a Thermo-Cooling technology that lowers your skins temperature by 20 degrees like Braun CoolTec does. It doesn’t showcase a 5th blade like the Panasonic Arc 5, nor does it give you the closest shave possible like the Braun 799cc does.
However, for its inexpensive price, and the fact that it does shave well without leaving you with skin irritations it’s a very frugal purchase – I feel confident in saying that this would be the best electric shaver for the money.


There isn’t one, part of the reason for the inexpensive shelf price. You just need to detach the foil covering from the shaver head and run it under your sink water. You can also run it under without removing the foil covering. Simple.
More about the shaver…
The foils are made of surgical steel and utilizes a 3-stage cutting system, which leads me to believe that’s the reasoning behind the irritation free shave you will receive that keeps this shaver in the running, but the shaver itself feels and looks cheaply made. Almost made entirely of plastic, the exterior anyways.
Not recommended for thicker beards.


If you’re the frugal type or a young guy stepping out into the electric shaving world then this shaver is perfect for you. It shaves very nice and is inexpensive. If you’re the type that likes to feel like you have a spa in your own bathroom this one isn’t for you. It has no cleaning station, no pop-up trimmer and uses a rechargeable battery without a charging station. It is pretty much a plain Jane.