Remington XR1370 Hyper Series Review

If you have read my article about the Remington FR-730 you will probably notice that I was reviewing that shaver the nicest way I could without coming out and saying, ”This shaver bites!” It does what it needs to do—shave nice—but when men or women turn to electric shavers and ditch the disposables they’re merely looking for some wow factors. This isn’t to say they want a shaver that has bells and whistles but doesn’t provide a great shave—we want both!
Here’s where Remington did a total 180-degree on us by introducing the Remington XR Hyper Series.


This is an amazing rotary shaver as it can handle just about any hair types and doesn’t leave your skin all jacked up.

It has two separate slots and holes that latch onto both short and long hairs reducing the tugging feeling you will experience with other shavers if you’ve missed a couple days of shaving.

With the Hyper series twin pack blade system you can expect the hairs to be cut at skin deep—including the stubborn hairs all in one stroke.


• Twisting and turning its three independent cutting heads, the rotary heads can float and flex managing hard to manage areas with an impressive amount of coverage.

• It also has a crazing long battery life with its 60-minutes of cordless shaving, which also includes a quick charge. Yeppers!

• The charging stand that comes with this bad boy also can be utilized as a protective cover and includes a travel lock that prevents the shaver from turning on by its own accord.

• You can use this shaver in the shower and with ease as it has an ergonomic design featuring rubber grips to prevent any slip-ups.

• The shaver has a display on its handle displaying the battery life in minutes—if you have 9 minutes of shave time left it will read 09—pretty nice.

• ComfortTrim trimmer- for all the extra detailing including sideburns, etc.


One consumer claimed that the rotary shaver doesn’t provide a close enough shave and that the blades do not turn fast enough.

Another said it works great when used wet versus a dry shave, however, another consumer proudly called this shaver “product is amphibious” so it depends on the user.

There are also reports of having to go over the same spot over and over but it does result in a smooth close finish.

Basically from what I’ve read from many consumers is that this shaver has a couple minor set backs but they still walked away loving their new shaver. One preferred the dry shave version while a lot of others gloated about how the shave feels after using gels and in the shower. You may have to play around with what feature works best for you. I rarely stumbled upon an upset buyer so you won’t be disappointed with this purchase.